How to clinch that coverage

04 October 2016

HWB enjoys unprecedented success in getting our clients great coverage in print thanks in part to the redeployment of our staff into those who client face and generate the press releases, tweets, blogs and those who connect with the media via our dedicated “newsroom”. But it’s never as simple as that.

Here, head of the HWB newsroom, Nicole Chamberlin shares the secrets of her team’s success – and explains why HWB clients keep returning for more coverage.

– Track journo’s covering your client’s industry
Sending to newsdesks won’t do. A simple topic search will quickly reveal the names of journalists who regularly cover a particular industry. Follow what they write and reference a recent article in your media pitch – by stroking their ego you’re far likelier to be noticed. Dig a little deeper by trawling through their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to identify their views and areas of interest to craft your pitch accordingly.

– Offer exclusives
You have a far greater chance of success by offering your story as an exclusive. Rather than merely emailing your pitch, reveal your story angle on a call to the editor of your respective industry – then compose it in line with their suggestions.

– Encourage clients to conduct local research
Journalists are starved of local statistics, having to rely heavily on global facts and findings to substantiate their stories. Supplying local research figures, will not only get you volumes of media coverage but also establish your client as a credible, well-respected, well-informed industry leader.

– Include competitors
Whilst being credited as the sole purveyor of expert insight in an article is undoubtedly first prize for any business, the reality is that journalists prefer an unbiased story with multiple sources. Do the journalists work for them by including comments from competitors in your stories. Pitching a collaborative piece will help position your brand as a go-to source of industry insight.

– Build relationships
Journalists do have their favourites – earned by providing reliable spokespersons for comment within their cut off time. If they know you they are likely to choose our story over another or contact you for industry comment more often. Ditch the email, pick up the phone – or even better – meet them face to face. This will undoubtedly get your stories more airtime and print space.

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