School saves on energy bills

11 December 2018

A high school in Salt River, Cape Town has received a new solar power unit, thanks to environmental justice warriors from Khayelitsha. The 3.96kWp solar system will save the school around R 8 200.00 on its annual electricity bill. It will also help the school cut back 5 tons on its yearly carbon emissions. The school was awarded a Wessa Eco-Schools flag in 2017.

The project and donation are a culmination of efforts between organization SOLA Future Energy and the climate change NPO Project 90 by 2030, which are both committed to promoting affordable, clean and accessible energy in Africa. This partnership culminated in the SOLA designed solar system being installed on Friday 7 December 2018.

Read more about this donation, as reported on by Daily Maverick, ESI Africa, and IOL.

You can also watch this video inserted that was broadcast by ENCA.

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